What is the value of Intellectual Property?

Germany is a country with little natural resources, a "nation of poets and philosophers", an export champion, as a country of "hidden champions". Therefore, Intellectual Property and its protection is of particular interest. Germany is more dependent than others on the creativity and inventiveness of its businesses.

According to a survey (of 800 companies) by the communication agency fischer Appelt, innovation, inventive talent, research, and development are the most frequently named qualities which most effectively face times of crises.

But what is the appeal for businesses to invest in research and development, if its results and innovations are not protected?

That is why respect for Intellectual Property is essential. Intellectual Property provides competitiveness and progress. Intellectual Property is the asset of a knowledge-based and future-oriented society.

Former Federal Minister of Economics and Technology

Dr. Philipp Rösler

"With its globally integrated economy, Germany has a vital interest in ensuring that intellectual property rights are protected and enforced effectively all around the world. Together with the European Commission and my fellow European ministers, I am working hard to make sure that these rights are upheld. Effective protection of intellectual property is indispensable if trade and investment is to take place on a global scale."