Functions / Goals

Inventiveness and strong trademarks account for a company´s key value. They allow long-term investments and competitiveness.

APM campaigns for a reliable environment, that guarantees the effective protection of intellectual property rights and protects the parties in the economic life against infringements.

For this purpose APM assumes various functions. APM fosters the exchange of experiences among companies and between the private sector and politics. APM lobbies for a legal framework, which allows the effective use of IP-rights. APM sensitizes the importance of intellectual property and the necessary protection of intellectual property against product- and trademark piracy.

Due to the close cross-sectoral contact to the companies, APM can provide the relevant bodies in politics and business with practical experiences and approaches.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property describes absolute rights on intangible goods.

Among others these are the intellectual property rights such as the copyright and the right to a name, the trademark-, patent and utility-patent rights as well as the design right.